Epic NG

Epic core principles

Sustainability achieved through the the effective allocation of capital, the use of modern technology, investment in our local workforce and the maintenance of long term community partnerships to develop profitable, low-carbon energy infrastructure that meets the needs of the 21st century

EPIC’s vision of a sustainable energy company

Energy 2.0

Energy 2.0 is EPIC’s production philosophy aiming to produce hydrocarbons with an “As Low Carbon As Practicable (ALCAP™), iteratively creating an operating model that leverages technology and focussed on the optimal use of resources.

ALCAP™ continuously refined and improved will be EPIC’s proprietary business model. It will be exportable to other regions and assets and it will ultimately give the business a competitive advantage in an era of net zero energy production.

Transition to gas

In any scenario, the world will use increasing amounts of gas over the decades to come, and Nigeria has a world class gas resource which remains largely untapped. EPIC’s ALCAP™ philosophy minimises flaring and venting where practical and seeks to monetise gas.

Community-centric win-win partnership programmes

EPIC’s long-term view and development approach places sustainability at the centre of our project selection criteria.

Enabling enduring partnerships with local communities and efficiently leveraging our resources to execute high impact projects while remaining sensitive to changing social requirements.