Epic NG

Our Focus

To acquire a producing oil and gas asset in West Africa with attractive risk-reward profiles, existing un-encumbered production, proven reserves and clear identified upside.

Our Target

Today our team is focussed on acquiring a producing oil asset in the prolific Niger Delta region via an equity operatorship model.  We are targeting high-quality high-growth projects in areas with reliable access to export infrastructure and healthy community partnerships. Assets which are conducive to sustainable future development will screen favourably.

Key Value Drivers

A Vital Energy Resource For A Better Tomorrow

Drivers of value

  • Revenue Generation – EPIC is screening to identify assets with a NFI production range of 5,000 to 20,000 bopd with low-risk export routes

  • Control – EPIC seeks an equity operator model. Operating cost, capital discipline and financial control are key value drivers

  • Identified Upside – Target asset will have an identified portfolio of upside opportunities that will deliver organic growth

Levers of value

  • Stakeholder relationships – Form stable, mutually fruitful stakeholder relationships which are aligned for long term

  • Technology adoption – Enable rapid adoption of proven, commercially available technology with a strong focus on deployment

  • Experienced and committed team – Displaying a culture of operational excellence and exceeding internal and investor expectations

Success Criteria

  • Financial efficiency and cost discipline in both CAPEX and OPEX

  • Manage counterparty risks through deal structure

  • Secure base production and deliver organic growth with the drill bit

EPIC Operations

Our post transaction priority is to secure the target operation and assure a stable base production while the operating organisation is embedded, and upside is realised.

Our experienced UK and in-country team is reinforced by strong relationships with top-tier UK and global companies with deep experience in the region as we execute our strategy of securing base production and delivering organic growth through the drill-bit.

As we scale and transition the business, we will grow our asset portfolio and the company’s value, with an active business development effort supported by a strong commercial team to develop new third party business across our owned infrastructure

Social Licence to Operate

EPIC is committed to developing local content and enhancing capability within the in-country workforce and supply chain. EPIC’s success relies on operations run by an experienced Nigerian management team and supported by high quality locals who understand the market and realise opportunities while living within the communities which provide EPIC our social licence to operate.

Our capabilities are enhanced by our small overseas teams, with access to international finance markets and the cutting-edge technologies that underpin our Energy 2.0 strategy.

Our international footprint enables working closely with leading global universities to train the next generation of Nigerians and EPIC employees excel in building efficient, low carbon energy systems that Africa’s growing population will rely on.