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Africa’s energy future is evolving, EPIC is bringing the innovation
An Africa-focused energy company seeking to develop natural resources sustainably
Meeting rising energy demand sustainably

Aiming to decarbonise existing, producing assets and to develop greenfield assets "As Low Carbon as Possible" ALCAPTM

Energy 2.0

EPIC is implementing an As Low Carbon As Possible (ALCAPTM) strategy to deliver a scalable, reduced cost operating model designed in alignment with Africa’s sustainability goals

Immediate focus

to acquire a producing asset in Nigeria qualifying EPIC’s criteria

Leadership team

EPIC’s multi-national leadership boasts a combined 250+ years of oil field experience in North America, West Africa and the North Sea

Trusted partner organisations work with EPIC to deliver the vision

Who We Are

EPIC is the next generation energy company driving towards zero-carbon energy production

Energy Production and Infrastructure Company (“EPIC Nigeria”) is a Nigerian energy company and wholly owned subsidiary of Energy Production and Infrastructure Company Ltd. (“EPIC”)  – a UK company created to hold operating and non-operating interests in energy and infrastructure plays in across Nigeria

An EPIC Vision

A Sustainable Energy Company for a Sustainable African Future

 Committed to meeting energy demand within a net-zero dispensation, EPIC’s long-term strategy is to develop a scalable, sustainable and profitable energy infrastructure – supporting local communities and  complementing each host state’s goals and aspirations.

Energy 2.0

Energy 2.0 is EPIC’s production philosophy aiming to produce hydrocarbons that are As Low Carbon As Practicable (ALCAP), providing a price premium on EPIC’s products and creating a competitive advantage while hitting our sustainability goals.

Execution Focus

  • Data driven decisions and asset management
  • Adoption of modern technology and operational best practice
  • Diversification to low carbon energy sources

Transition to gas

In any scenario, the world will use increasing amounts of gas over the decades to come, and Nigeria has world class gas resources. Nigeria and the wider West Africa’s energy demand is soaring, and the number of consumers will continue to grow. Gas is a largely an untapped Nigerian resource with 2,065 TCF (5,848 Bn m3) of proven natural gas reserves. EPIC’s ALCAP philosophy will seek to minimises flaring and venting and to monetise gas where practical.

Execution Focus

  • Invest in initial facilities to produce and aggregate gas in region
  • Active effort to acquire third party gas and scale the facilities to match
  • Diversify demand by seeding local gas demand


EPIC’s long term view and development approach places sustainability at the centre of our project selection criteria and enables us to create enduring partnerships with our local communities and to efficiently leverage our existing resource to incorporate low cost, high social impact projects as multi-phase projects compounding each project’s benefit whilst remaining flexible to changing social requirements and maintaining our profitability

Energy 2.0

The As Low Carbon as Possible - ALCAP TM Approach

EPIC’s producing assets will have a significantly improved carbon foot-print across production, export and asset lifecycle. Our development strategy focuses on enabling deployment of market ready, efficient technology and processes to iterate towards decarbonising assets through an ALCAP operating model.


Leverage oil cashflows to fund an early transition to gas using ALCAPTM approach.


Striking the balance between sustainable local business and sustainable return on investment.


Sustainable project development and maintaining social licence to operate through sound governance and enriching the local community.

Why Africa?

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Africa’s population projected by 2050 (from 1.4B in 2020)

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Annual economic growth projected in coming decades1

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Africa’s population projected by 2050 (from 1.4B in 2020)

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Annual economic growth projected in coming decades1

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Approx. African energy demand increase by 20232

The continent is rich in energy resources – creating opportunity for a low-carbon bridge through Africa’s energy transitio

The share of Africans living without electricity is high2 – increasing access is a common government policy goal

The number of middleclass Africans tripled in the last 30 years, comprising 34% of the continent’s population3

Why Nigeria?

The Goal

During the energy transition, the world will rely heavily on gas – a largely untapped resource in Nigeria with 209.5 TCF of proven natural gas reserves.  Further, the Nigerian government’s 2022 Energy Transition Plan seeks to double gas production by 2030.
EPIC’s goal is to monetize proven gas reserves in the short term, and scale into a gas-focused business in the medium term.

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Nigeria’s population projected by 2050 (from 186MM in 2020)

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Nigerians living in urban areas1 (~112.9MM people)

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projected percentage of Nigerians living in urban areas by 20501

A World Class Basin

Nigeria, with Africa’s largest oil and gas reserves, is supported by a highly trained workforce, an established network of global suppliers and a mature local supply chain


Although it has the continent’s largest gas reserves, Nigeria is only the 3rd largest gas producer. To realize its potential, Nigeria’s LNG capacity is being increased with greater than ever export to Europe.


Gas production has historically been constrained by lack of infrastructure, but with the right scale, gas export is a
compelling opportunity with potential for immediate gas aggregation in Nigeria’s offshore province.


EPIC strives for sustainable outcomes with win-win solutions for stakeholders by:

Our Team

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Our team is dedicated to driving positive change in the energy industry through delivering environmental stewardship and social responsibility.


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